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We NEED MORE TEACHERS. We are still recruiting for the Craftily Ever After team! No experience required. It's a great opportunity for college students who need to work part time, parents who want to work from home, talented disabled people who need to control their income, retired people eager to pass on their hard-earned wisdom, or really anyone who loves crafting and wants to serve the community!

Craftily Ever After's Expert Artisans offer craft and art classes in our beautiful spaces, and we support them with all the less fun parts of running a craft class business like sourcing materials, pricing and selling tickets, credit card processing, profit calculations, and of course priority scheduling in our spaces. Our Expert Artisans even get access to a huge bank of pre-tested craft party crafts, to ensure you can always offer our community fun and profitable parties. Our teachers are community leaders, and you deserve to be compensated well for that.

We love to have our Expert Artisans around any time, so we'll encourage you to make yourself at home with free soda and coffee anytime.

If this sounds like fun to you, we invite you to attend one of our monthly meetings at 6pm on the 4th Thursday of the month or Contact us at to set up a time to chat about joining our team.

Welcome back, and thank you for being a pillar of our community! Enter here to access Member Only content available exclusively to our Expert Artisans.

Craftily Ever After is our business incubator program to support the amazing Artisans who are willing to share their time, expertise,  and hearts with the community by presenting Craft and Art Classes. Our Expert Artisans offer a wide range of arts and crafts for you to try with your friends.  Sign up for the Student Crafter Newsletter by clicking the button below, and we will notify you when classes become available.