ArtisTree is more than a typical art supply shop with a café, it's an immersive environment designed to inspire the mind and delight the senses. 

These are our planned spaces, all will be available to reserve for special days, beautiful projects, and important meetings in your life.

They say no plan survives battle, so offerings may change as we progress in our building process. 


Connect to your childhood joy in this room where the wood walls barely hold back the tree, and are covered with colorful local amateur art.  Yes, of course some of the seats are swings. What do you think we are, grown ups?

Photo of Castle

The Dragon's Castle Keep (Opening Winter 2023)

Enter these walls and take your rightful place in our castle. Torches line the walls so you can look out for the dragon as you soak in the fantasy. Release your inner child and design your own decadent float or the fanciest latte with sprinkles prepared by our trained culinary artists. We'll even let you build a healthy meal on one of our savory palettes if you really insist, but can we interest you in finishing it off with an ice cream mountain on our brownie palette?

The Mountain King's Hall (Opening Winter 2023)

The Royal at Heart require our most private room, a cave deep in the realm of the Mountain King filled with glowing gemstones and equipped with tables that can be joined to form a sp Special food offerings are available exclusively for those who reserve the Round Table.  A stained glass window overlooks an ornate table designed to enhance both honor and equality. Use it to celebrate the coming of age of your favorite prince or princess, for your next marathon D&D session, to plot your overthrow of the blasphemous Lilliput, or host the most fantastic employee appreciation lunch ever. 

Photo of Garden

Alice's Secret Garden (PHASE II)

It is always good weather in the Secret Garden, where you can live in a dream, creating both beautiful and bizarre things in the sunlight outside the castle. In the evening the lamposts are lit for the perfect indoor relaxation spot, even in the middle of winter. Soft, comfortable chairs abound, and the hedges magically move to create just the right size space. Every nook contains the art supplies you've been wanting, at a price you can afford. An ivy covered wall displays both guest and master artwork in ornate digital and physical frames. This large space is ideal for a ladies bible study, poetry reading, wedding, or just curling up in your own corner to learn to embroider or sketch. 

White Rabbit's Corner (PHASE II)

What is more joyful than a mad tea party? Join the residents of Wonderland in this private corner surrounded by hedges.  Our high tea package in this setting is an experience not to be forgotten. Ideal for a night out with the family, a memorable lunch with important clients, birthday parties, a book club, knitting circle, or even just some quiet you time to work on your novel.

Splash Rooms (PHASE III)

We all know that the messier you are the more fun you are having, so our splash spaces allow you to go wild. Good ventilation, private spaces, and no worries about spilling paint on your living room carpet or etching fluid on your dining room table! These spaces are great for processing big life experiences, bonding with your kids, or perfecting your craft without holding back.