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Do you knit, quilt, fingerpaint, doodle, or build tiny sculptures of raccoons from peanuts? Whatever your form of visual creative expression, ArtisTree would love to hear from you!

But I'm new!
But I've only made 3 so far!
But it's not good enough yet!
This isn't really art, it's just a thing I make for fun!
I'm not really an artist at this point!
I'm just practicing!"

Submit it anyway.
We love to see artists as they grow, even when we don't buy it, and we buy it a LOT more often than most amateur artists expect.

You can used the linked form to submit sample photos of your art if you would like us to commission you, or you can submit art you would like us to purchase for display.

This form requires a google account to access. Contact us if you need assistance with any part of the process.

Use this link to submit your contact information and a sample of your work to apply to be one of our professional suppliers. Most of our professional purchases are commissions, we also occasionally buy ready made items for resale. You can also use this form to apply for one of our display spots to assist you with selling your work.

Purchases we are likely to make in the next year:

Graphic Design Services
Sculptures (including a Lifesize dragon and a paired drywall sculpture)
Decorative Blankets and Pillows

The linked form requires a google account. Contact us if you need assistance with any part of the process.

Use this link to submit yourself or recommend a person, business, or group for us to patronize and/or serve. We are currently looking for:

Theater scene shops / Workers with scene shop experience

Art Teachers and Art Groups

Farms and other food suppliers

Construction and Contractors, including flooring, lighting, and handymen.

Restaurant Equipment

Used Art and Craft Supply Sources

Amateur, Early Career, and semi-retired Performers

Advertising Opportunities