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Among the Artists, Where You Belong

Alexandria is home to a new community art space for artists of all levels.

Visitors can choose from a variety of comfortable and functional settings to inspire and support their art.

Taste buds need inspiration too, so we will be offering lots of tasty options at our inhouse Soda Fountain and Café. 

Private spaces are available for classes, meetings and parties, because sometimes the best inspiration comes from mingling with kindred spirits.

Now Booking!

Fundraiser Options

Option 1 - "Window Event":

Host an event where your group receives 5% of the revenue generated during a 3-hour window. 

Option 2 - "Ticketed Event":

Choose food, drinks, or kits in advance for your party. Each person in your group gets a ticket to exchange for selected items. The ticket price covers items like a drink, a waffle, and/or kits. Your group can also charge an entry fee to cover ticket costs. Note: Raffles are permitted, but please check Minnesota State Raffle Regulations first.

Option 3 - "Participation Event":

Our Craftily Ever After team teaches a craft, and your group receives 5% of the event revenue.

Option 4 - "Code Word or Flyer":

Your group selects a code word or creates a flyer for customers to hand in. This identifies them as wanting to allocate 5% of their purchase as a donation for your group.

Option 5 - "Food or Drink Item":

Choose a food or drink item named after your group. When customers buy it, 5% of the purchase is donated to your group. We're happy to display a poster from your group to encourage sales. We recommend an extravagant item both for extra fun and for maximum fundraising dollars.

Option 6 - "Create a Kit":

Create a kit to sell on a store shelf, your designated cause receives 60% of the revenue when a kit is sold. All required items must be available within the kit or with additional items available for purchase at ArtisTree. Contact us to check item availability or if you have questions. The kit is available for purchase for at least 1 week, extendable with ArtisTree Manager approval.

Option 7 - "Cover Charge Events" (Tentative scheduling until December 1, 2023):

Book the store for a set time if a certain number of customers will attend. We're still determining attendance requirements as a new business.

Groups are not limited to just one option!

Question about booking your event? Our Events Manager would love to talk to you!