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Among the Artists, Where You Belong

Yes! You can just stop by! 

No reservation is needed during OPEN hours. Grab a coffee or a whole meal, get a whole craft kit or just that one thing you are missing. 


Alexandria is home to a new community art space for artists of all levels.

Visitors can choose from a variety of comfortable and functional settings to inspire and support their art.

Taste buds need inspiration too, so we offer lots of tasty options at our inhouse Soda Fountain and Café, including our famous waffle bowls, floats, and an unbeatable selection of coffee, tea, and custom flavored soda!

Private spaces are available for classes, meetings and parties, because sometimes the best inspiration comes from mingling with kindred spirits.

Now Booking!

Question about booking your event? 

Our Events Manager would love to talk to you!


Booking FAQs

Events for small groups are generally free unless you are selling tickets or bringing outside food or drink.

1.5 hour Parties with an Art or Craft teacher generally run between $20 and $45 per person, and include a teacher, supplies, food and drink.

Yes, we book parties for: adults, kids, disabled groups,  and grassroots movements.

Yes, we can make you a class or party pack  to take back to your home, work, or classroom.

Popular Crafts include: Painting Ceramics, Kumihimo, Dreamcatchers (with Indigenous Artist), Acrylic Painting, Watercolor Painting, Seasonal Crafts, Kids Crafts, Macrame, Origami, Polymer Clay, and Sensory Fun. We have LOTS more, just ask!

Parties can be custom themed including music, decor, food and craft choices.

We work hard to be accessible and inclusive, if you have a worry, please let us know.